In addition to using strategic consulting to complement the delivery of the firm strategy, we are often asked to research and comment on the viability of a law firm client entering a new jurisdiction or developing a new practice area.

Piper Pritchard has proved adept at analysing specific markets and sectors, leaning on our broad network of contacts to produce focused analysis on areas of strategic importance in order for the firm to successfully enter a new market or sector. The subsequent report is then used to inform the strategy and assist with the integration.

Our dedicated research function means we have the ability and experience to generate detailed research for Competitor Analysis and generate Market Maps. We have found that our law firm clients are keen to know the size, shape and organisation of their competitor’s teams; the perception of their competitors and possible areas of strength and weakness.

This information can be used not only when looking at entering new geographies and sectors but also when generating client pitch documents for future business as well as the viability surrounding human capital demands and changes.