Helix Insight, sister company of Piper Pritchard,  is focused on providing our clients with bespoke analysis and perspective. To navigate competitive and fast-moving markets, we provide insight that enables our clients to understand the dynamics of new and existing markets, specific organisations, and key talent.

Rather than simply the provision of data and research, we provide insight. Through a dedicated research team we undertake our analysis through primary research and, in turn, provide our clients with perspective and context.

Insight leads to greater strategic agility for our clients. Whether assessing an acquisition, new location, route to market strategy, or assessing talent, the strong partnerships we have with our clients ensures we not only provide perspective, but offer opinion and become part of the strategic process.

Projects are bespoke however can be broadly categorised as follows: 

  • Market Insight; understanding market dynamics, key organisations, drivers of success and failure
  • Organisation Insight; acquisition due-diligence, organisational design, key personnel
  • Location Insight; key employers, understanding the local talent market, social-economic drivers
  • Talent Insight; leadership risk mitigation and re-structuring through identification, engagement, validation of key talent within specific markets, diversity & inclusion