Legal Talent in the South West - How to Stay Ahead of the Curve

The demand for City talent in the South West (SW) market is growing. The pool of lawyers active in looking to relocate is remaining largely constant. Demand is exceeding supply.

As the quality of work and complexity of client engagement continues to evolve, the need for the best lawyers is going to increase further.

This white paper looks at the rationale behind a move to the SW and aims to provide an insight into how you can engage, attract and win talent looking (or not looking) to move from the City.

A cross-section of lawyers with personal experience transitioning from City to SW, were interviewed. An open discussion was conducted around their own moves, as well as the wider market picture and a view on the commercial landscape in the SW.

The report revealed 5 key factors that should be at the forefront of the mind of any conversation involving talent for firms in the SW looking ahead. These are:

  • Promote a commercial rationale
  • Foster early engagement
  • Strong brand message
  • Differentiate through clarity, openness and understanding at interview
  • A value approach to compensation

The overarching ambition should be to create a sustainable, long-term talent pool, that can start to sculpt strategy conversations and move recruitment away from reactive processes.

Firms should be aiming to increase the flow volume of City talent to the SW by shifting the rationale from personal/lifestyle, to commercial. By doing this, you can start to tap into the wider movement of lawyers for career reasons, rather than waiting for the right relocator with the right personal circumstances.

Make the SW market a legitimate alternative to any lawyer looking at a move and remove location from the commercial equation.