Our service extends to sourcing the best associates in the market. Thanks to the trusted networks we have built over 20 years, we can offer our clients access to otherwise inaccessible candidates.

It is our belief that the associates who are held in highest regard are not actively exploring other career opportunities and so will not be engaged through generic candidate generation techniques. Instead, they require a more targeted, bespoke approach. Through a combination of research intelligence and personal referrals, we identify the leading candidates then make a discreet and considered approach that reflects the professional reputation of our client.

We also invest significant time getting to know our candidates, discovering their strengths and values and finding-out what motivates them. This enables us to determine if they are going to be the right fit, not merely in terms of professional experience, but also in terms of culture and outlook.

Because of our commitment to building relationships over years rather than months, we would never introduce a client to a candidate, or vice versa, that we did not believe would genuinely add long-term value to both the individual’s career and the firm’s future development.